Ticket Giveaway: This is Beautiful


Part film, part feast, part inner beast. An interrogation-installation on the aesthetics of being human.

Three actors consume a sumptuous meal on stage. They openly cross-examine one another about their bodies, faces and identities. What they love, what they hate, what they wish were different. They objectify and are objectified. While they feast, on screen a stunning-cinematic meditation represents the actors’ bodies made newly relevant and strangely beautiful again. Mythically abstracted and sensual beasts they become removed entirely from the quotidian context of their conversation.

This is Beautiful is an intimate-operatic performance and installation event from formalistic firebrands, The Public Studio. It doesn’t comfort or placate. It doesn’t seek to resolve or excuse. It lays bare our prejudices, our desires, our fears and our innermost ugliness.

19 July – 3 August
The Malthouse (Helium Season)
More Info & to book tickets

For your chance to win one of 2 double passes to the show on Thursday 24 July at 6:30pm, email your name and number with THE PUBLIC STUDIO in the subject line to artshouse@melbourne.vic.gov.au by Monday 22 July.
Winners will be notified by return email.


About Arts House

Arts House presents contemporary arts in programs encompassing performance, exhibitions, live art, residencies and other activities that nurture, support and stimulate cultural engagement. For more information, please visit artshouse.com.au.
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