Floored by Victoria Chiu


We love indulgence, are dependent on routines, and can become easily addicted to intricate mechanisms that generate reassuring comfort zones. Liberating or imprisoning? And how keen are we to needle our habits?

Shifting from moments of chaos to serenity, the work changes pace and energy as much as the habits we form and try to break. Structured in three separate parts, each piece has its own journey and is supported by electronic, percussive and classical musical scores created by composer and partner Roland Cox, featuring at one point a live local choir. The custom built set, constantly attracts and repels the dancers, ultimately causing them to want to break free from its confines. This work is part of Victoria Chiu’s broader reflection on the processes of living with our habits, our desire to keep or change habits, and the social conditioning that influences them.

Victoria Chiu is a Dancehouse Housemate. The Housemate Residencies are a unique initiative and the only fully funded national residency program solely for dance practitioners.

14 – 18 August
Wed – Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm
Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street, North Carlton
dancehouse.com.au | trybooking.com/55694

Thanks to Dancehouse, you have a chance to win one of 2 double passes to the show. Email rsvp@dancehouse.com.au with ‘Floored’ in the subject line with your name and preferrred performance date & time. First two entries win!


About Arts House

Arts House presents contemporary arts in programs encompassing performance, exhibitions, live art, residencies and other activities that nurture, support and stimulate cultural engagement. For more information, please visit artshouse.com.au.
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